About Z_Jef

Balancing out the equation

I’ve been on a quest since 2012 and I connect my love strategy, philosophy, rhetoric & (international) collaboration to help transform our society into a healthy ecosystem.

In order to get to this advanced civilisation where Sapiens & the rest of Nature co-exist and thrive, we should create globally interconnected communities that uphold the ecosystem-values and mindset.

After 7 years of working in (urban) agriculture I am expanding my horizons. Now I work as a business consultant for true sustainability, while looking into improvements for our current democracy.

Le Tour Vivant by SOA Architects
My biggest inspiration these past years

One thought on “About Z_Jef

  1. Hey Zjef,

    Very interested to discuss a new VF Accelerator venture at our Urban Hub in Brno, Czech republic. Could you please write me an email so that I can tell you more?

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