About Z_Jef


Zjef is just someone who believes that a Vertical Farm, in all its beauty and magnificence, can become an icon of change.

He combines his passion for vertical farming with the passion for collaboration to help transform our society into a healthy ecosystem. If you ask him if he believes in Utopia, he will give you a very philosophical answer that makes complete sense.

That’s why, after Finishing his studies as an applied Bio-engineer in 2012, Zjef embarked on his vertical farming quest, joining communities to facilitate their self-empowerment around one of their most fundamental needs: Food

It has been an adventurous road and you can read parts of that adventure on this blog.

Latest Job-things: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zjefvanacker/
Latest Life-things: https://www.facebook.com/zjef.vanacker

Favorite Vertical Farming Design
It looks cool and has an awesome concept:

Le Tour Vivant by SOA Architects

One thought on “About Z_Jef

  1. Hey Zjef,

    Very interested to discuss a new VF Accelerator venture at our Urban Hub in Brno, Czech republic. Could you please write me an email so that I can tell you more?

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