The Vertical Finish

Somewhere in 2012, I started imagining myself on top of futuristic vertical farm skyscraper. All this imagining, initiated a wild and adventurous period in my life. I climbed to high peaks of success, to then fall into deep lows of depression, and back.

It was a good 8 years.

I learned so much!

And now….Now it is time to build on that. What will I build? I can’t tell you yet because I now feel that I want to be less goal-oriented, and more process-oriented.

You can find the things that I am writing and doing via the following links:

My medium-page:

Or my patreon-page:

So, that was it, beautiful people! This blog has come to an end. Now the time has come to write some different stories.

With lots of love

Vertical Zjef

ps: I wrote a personal piece on why the urban mushroom farm failed. It turned out to be 7 pages of prose with a deep analyses of ourselves and the company. I thought it might help future urban farmers. Read it via this link!

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