The Vertical Finish

Somewhere in 2012, I started imagining myself on top of futuristic vertical farm skyscraper. All this imagining, initiated a wild and adventurous period in my life. I climbed to high peaks of success, to then fall into deep lows of depression, and back.

It was a good 8 years.

I learned so much!

And now….Now it is time to build on that. What will I build? I can’t tell you yet because I now feel that I want to be less goal-oriented, and more process-oriented.

You can find the things that I am writing and doing via the following links:

My medium-page:

Or my patreon-page:

So, that was it, beautiful people! This Vertical Farming quest has come to an end. Now the time has come to write some different stories.

With lots of love

Vertical Zjef

ps: I wrote a personal piece on why the urban mushroom farm failed. It turned out to be 7 pages of prose with a deep analyses of ourselves and the company. I thought it might help future urban farmers, yet my co-founder didn’t want me to release it to the public. Still, If you’re interested in the piece, “The glorious mistakes that caused the downfall of Pad en Stoel”. Let me know why and I just might send it to you.

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