Everyone always talks about sustainability, yet why is it taking so damn long to actually get to a societal state that we can call truly sustainable?

The ways to get there are pretty simple, yet require a whole lotta courage, ingenuity, and persistence. Traits that the current powerhouses all over the world seem to have major shortages off. Time to unite into the Fundation Nation and beat those old systems and organisations at their own game.


After researching a lot of problems and corresponding solutions our society has to offer, I compiled this 47-page strategy for humanity to thrive. It has 3 basic pillars:

  1. Change – Let’s embed “change” as a fundamental value in our everyday thinking, in the way we live our lives and in the systems that build up our societies!
  2. Ecosystems Ecosystems Ecosystems – The only thing that is resilient and strong enough to support change are healthy ecosystems. Let’s build stronger social, economic and ecological ecosystems.
  3. The cooperative economy – An amazing way to change the “values” of a global society. It’s faster and better than the current predominant societal systems!

A strategy is only as good as the plan and the people executing it.

In this article you shall find out all about a practical application of the strategy on how humanity can thrive: The fundation nation. Together we will go through its explanation, goals, components, flow and some FAQ. And of course – you are also invited to improve and join the fundation nation.

The funda-what?

There’s already an enormous amount of amazing projects that are changing the world. Yet they’re fighting a battle they cannot win on their own. To amplify the impact of these individual initiatives we need to unite and organise on a larger scale. We need to train our collective intelligence to influence the global economy. In this way we can change the current normality to a place where people, planet & profit are truly equal!

The Fundation Nation

  • Fund – Money is one of the most important drivers in today’s society. We will be “putting our money where our mouth is”.
  • Foundation – When you build a house, you start with its foundations. Let’s make the fundamental needs of humanity truly sustainable. And like Kate Raworth in Doughnut Economics, let’s use the UN sustainable development goals for that social foundation.
  • Fun – A reference to the Happonomy. Because “happy is the new rich”.
  • Nation – This is something we need to do together! To compete with the grand lobbies of unsustainable powerhouses we need to have a high degree of collective intelligence. Let’s take cooperation and togetherness to the next level.

The goals

If we know our destination, we can better focus on the path. Anno 2019 the goals are:

  1. Get minimum 20 people and 5 organisations together to start up the cooperative fund, agree on a way forward, write it down and make a constitution. After all, this is a nation. (1 month after departure)
  2. Hone the strategy and make an extremely specific plan with smart goals, projects, processes, roles, responsibilities and all the other things a good organisation/nation has. (6 months AD)
  3. Get €1.000.000 and Invest in 5 to 10 companies (12 months AD)
  4. Reflection-time! Is it working? Is the happiness, the collective intelligence, the ecological impact and the economic impact high enough? Is the collective strong enough? (18 months AD)
  5. The fundation nation has 800 people (spread over 50-200 organisations) and €43.000.000 to invest in those organisations, especially companies. (24 months AD)
  6. Implement a new and sustainable monetary system that can expand beyond the fundation nation and its ecosystem. If this is not a goal, then we’re not serious about solving the global challenges. (3 years AD)

PS: These goals can evolve with the strategy. New knowledge & experience must always be taken into account.

The organisation of our ecosystem

We’ve got a strategy and 6 smart goals. The time has come to talk about the organisation of the Fundation nation ecosystem. It consists of 5 specific components that connect to each other in specific ways.

  1. The companies that make products or offer services that help make this world more sustainable.
  2. The cooperative fund that “democratically” manages the money and guides the different companies.
  3. The think tank that is in charge of ever evolving the strategy of the fundation nation.
  4. The SEPO’s, for Social & Ecological Profit Organisations. No business models, just plain old making-the-world-better-philanthropy.
  5. The people of the fundation nation. Ultimately always more important than any of the above structures/organisations.

The success of each organisations can be measured with determined sustainability-metrics.

The fundamental Companies

  • These companies function in the traditional marketplace and are social and ecological sustainability pioneers with energy, food, transport, housing, education,…, Examples:
  • The social and ecological impact is be measured via specific metrics. Examples:
    • Renewable energy produced
    • Amount of people fed, housed
    • Biodiversity per area
    • Amount of community events
    • Happiness metrics
  • Preferably these are also cooperatives.
  • The Fundation Nation has democratic access to the general meetings and to the board. If the company is not a cooperative on its own, 50% of the board is elected by the people in the fundation nation (an idea derived from the companization model)
  • The companies of course also have a representative in the cooperative Fund

The Cooperative Fund

This is the democratic organ that owns the collective money. The fund decides and votes on how the ecosystem will be empowered. It is also a way for societal issues and challenges to be brought to light.

  • It funds the socio-ecological companies that take care of the fundamental needs of society.
  • It is democratically owned by all cooperants and decides:
    • Where Funds flow
    • What happens with the Return on Investment (ROI) of all companies combined.
    • Which SEPO’s to empower
  • Organises community events for the people of the fundation nation

The Think-Tank

This is the brains of the collective intelligence of the ecosystem, it causes all components to work as one. It consists of the “intellectuals” and “elders” of the nation. People that think and act like Kate Raworth, Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk and Jane Goodall.

  • Every x amount of years (preferably x = 2) they create an updated version of the strategy for the ecosystem (long and short term). This could be in the form of a book, video-series, events,…
  • The Think-Tank supports the Cooperative Fund with research on specific topics
  • The Think-Tank has a bigger share in votes within the cooperative fund. We hate to say it out of political correctness, but experts generally have a better understanding of the whole ecosystem and what needs to be done.
  • The brain of the ecosystem looks for needed innovation to strengthen the nation. A percentage of the Return on Investment (ROI) is allocated to the creation of new companies.

The Sepo’s

SEPO = Social and Ecological Profit Organisations. These organisations have a huge impact that traditional economy completely ignores. What is the ROI of volunteers helping elderly people? What’s the ROI of people planting a forest? What’s the ROI of people organising events or concerts?

Impossible to financially measure, yet infinitely important for a society to function. That’s why the Fundation Nation systematically spends a part of its ROI on philanthropy. It goes towards food, education, healthcare, equality, experiments, events, nature,…

These investments have no financial returns, yet their impact on the fundation nation ecosystem can be measured via the ecological and social metrics, similar to the ones of the companies. 

Via the SEPO’s, people who cannot buy into the cooperative are empowered to become shareholders. In that way they can become part of the Fundation Nation and enjoy all its benefits.

The people

The reason the ecosystem exists in the first place. If all goes well, we live in a fundamentally better world that has healthier food, more nature, cleaner energy, better housing, more efficient mobility, open education and whatever we think is important.

  • Every person is a co-owner and has a voice in the fund and/or in specific companies.
  • When the collective wins, every individual wins! This happens via the combined ROI, every person gets a part of it.
  • When the new monetary system is implemented, there is a universal basic income for everyone.

The Funda-yes!!!

Via a democratic cooperative Fund that is strengthened by a Think-Tank, we will use our collective money to invest in sustainable companies that provide the fundamental needs for us all.

By using the money-language of today, in combination with a high collective intelligence, we can create a strong ecosystem where socio-ecological standards are as high as the financial ones. We will make equity and sustainability the new normal and spread it throughout the world.

The return on investment is used wisely to strengthen the whole ecosystem via innovation and via systematic philanthropy. With a new monetary system we will be able to reverse social injustice and regenerate the ecological damage that has been done.

The Fundation Nation, standing strong in a world of competition and intolerance, will expand and lead us into a world where each and everyone will be able to thrive.

Together, we CAN change the world.

ps: Want to join the efforts to create the fundation nation – call me: zjefvanacker@gmail.com
ps2: know something like this that already exists. Let me know: zjefvanacker@gmail.com


“Will it work?

We’ll will only know for sure when we do this!

“It sounds a lot like a society as it is working today

Completely correct. You can see the cooperative fund as a government and the ROI for SEPO’s as subsidies. The reason that the Fundation Nation exists is to fundamentally change the economy and society where the current powerhouses are failing, lack the courage or are too slow. In an ideal scenario the current societal components will be able to follow or be faster than the Fundation Nation in changing the inequalities in society.

However, we’re taking power into our own hands because we’re pretty sure they won’t be able to change fast enough. Moreover, we’re not willing to bet our lives and the health of this planet on it.

“So if I invest €10.000.000, someone who only invested €1000 can also decide what happens to my money?”

Completely correct. It is the fundamental idea behind equity and equality. The fact that you have €10.000.000 and the other person only €1000 is most probably because you had at least one type of advantage over the other. This could be rich parents, good physical and/or mental health, amazing genes, good education, good looks, good upbringing,… There’s 1000 possibilities why you got more lucky than someone else.

Of course, there will be some rules, agreements and systems to make sure there’s no abuse and people free-riding on your money or hard work. Yet the basic principle remains when it comes to climate justice and ending poverty: We’re all in this together. Let’s empower each other to make everyone help everyone!

“Will there be conflict of interest within the fundation nation”

We’re all human and there’s a selfish part in all of us. One of the goal of the fundation nation is to create a system where the cooperative, empathic and social part of us, is being stimulated.

For sure there will be politics in the fundation nation, and for sure people will want their organisation to be funded or their plan to be executed. Even at the expense of the health of the collective. We will have to deal with this and stand strong in our beliefs and goals.

Let’s embrace it and see it as an invitation to learn, to heal and to become stronger.

Is there a maximum of people/organisations”

It is hard to say this for sure, yet most probably: yes. When the fundation nation grows too big, a new, connecting organisation will have to be created that organises multiple organisations similar to the fundation nation. This could work hierarchically (which is not necessarily bad if done in the right way with the right people), or possibly with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) which will enable us to reach an even higher level of collective intelligence.

“What happens if the fundation nation fails?”

Whatever the outcome, it will be an amazing experiment that will resonate through the ages. Even if the fundation nation fails we’ll have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that will have a huge impact on the world.

Video By VideoMe

ps: Want to join the efforts to create the fundation nation – call me: zjefvanacker@gmail.com
ps2: know something like this that already exists. let me know: zjefvanacker@gmail.com


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