Generally I’m extraverted. And as an extravert I talk a lot.

I like talking.

And what I like more than just talking, is “talking sense”!

My previous post on “How to let humanity survive and Thrive“, I was talking sense for 47 pages long. A huge chunk of sense which requires attention for a long time.

Luckily there’s awesome people, Like Lennart and Mei who make fantastic podcasts that are wayyyy more easy to digest. They make radio-documentary-style podcast and make soundbite-quotes like this:

And look how they introduced me:

Infused with political genes, bio-engineer Zjef Van Acker has helped kickstart several initiatives to transform our society into a healthy ecosystem. He’s an urban mushroom grower, hobbyist philosopher and vertical farming pundit, researching the AMI model. Discover what those letters stand for, and his thoughts on our modern food economy, in this episode.

A vertical farm Pundit? Awesome!

Anyway – just wanted to share this with you. Lsten to the podcast via this link, and definitely check out the other tomorrow.people episodes!

Stay Awesome and Keep on Growing!

ps: Got some feedback that I have a good radio-voice. You think so too?

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