The 30 days Challenge: Waking up Happy (part I)

So in the past days, months, years,…yeah, basically all my life, I’ve been suffering from a quite negative mind.

And that negativity reaches its peak when it transforms into self-pity. The worst part is, that for me that self-pity is like an addiction. Yes it’s true, in a way I like feeling down and full of self-pity. Hence the downward spiral!


This mindset is exhausting for me and it’s exhausting for the people around me. Moreover, it keeps me from creating stuff that makes me happy now, and in the long term.

Time for some solutions.

In the past years I’ve been experimenting with how to get over that, how to change that mindset and really become more happy, optimistic, joyful,… These experiments have definitely improved that general negativity, yet the past days showed that I’m not there yet.

In the past days I was very very very negative, and I was so resentful towards everyone and everything around me.


Time for the first 30 days challenge.

I’ve noticed that it’s especially hardest for me in the morning. Most of the time I don’t want to get out of my bed because dreaming is more fun than starting the day. And so I can keep on snoozing for a couple of hours.

So, let’s focus on those mornings, let’s try to change those!


1 word: Gratefulness

Every morning I will wake up and will do 2 things, 2 very simple things

  1. I will find something that I’m grateful for (wiki-how link)
  2. I will find something what I’m excited about for that day

And just to show that I’m doing it, I’ll make a 30sec video every day.

Fun times coming, fun times.

See you soon beautiful people!


ps: Why 30 days? 30 days it’s the minimum amount of days it takes for your brain to solidify a new habit. After those 30 days, I will look on how to improve those new links in my brain – maybe with a 60 days challenge? We’ll see, we’ll see!

ps2: A post that talks about these similar feelings: Is this one of those thoughts that keep you from being a happily productive person?



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