How Zjef will bring peace to Israel & Palestine – Chapter III

Read Chapter I & II first

I want to bring harmony to Israel and Palestine, I want to end the war in the middle East and I want to end the corruption in Africa. As a matter of fact, I truly believe that I can do it and this series of blog-posts will tell you the story on how I discover the super-powers that can and will initiate world-peace.

Chapter 3 – Knowing yourself


So, today I was talking to Kyara, a 20 year old lady from Kansas, USA. She wants to get into Vertical Farming and I, as head of the Education Division of the Association for Vertical Farming, am trying to help her with that. In our many conversations questions about her strengths and who she really is popped up a couple of times. Today she made me give an epic reply that gave birth to this blog post.

This is how it came to be:

Zjef: Do you feel it’s hard to talk about who you are and what your strengths are?

 Yes it’s hard. Like im barely 20, im still trying to figure out what im good at.

Zjef: Well, 20 is quite late to think about it :p But better late than never

Kyara: Really? Cause I’ve been told multiple time thats it’s normal… or maybe thats just America.

Zjef: It’s the same in Europe. However, it’s not because it’s normal that it’s how it supposed to be.

I’ve lived my life without any aim or purpose for 25 years, and in that way, I feel that I’ve wasted a big part of my life. Especially when I was in University. Our education system is based on getting you ready for Industrial capitalism, which kills creativity and the ability to really getting to know who you are.

Kyara: Damn, i think you just explained it better than any other person I’ve talked to. But isn’t it normal to not know until your mid or late 20s?

Zjef: Why would that be normal?

Kyara: I don’t know, because isn’t that when our brains are fully developed.

Zjef: That’s sounds like a good explanation, yet wouldn’t it be better if our brain developed to support who we really are?

I for one can definitely say that I developed a lot of bad habits because I was an annoying little brad who didn’t know who he was and what to do, except hating people and society because they were fucking the planet up. If my parents and my school had taught me that it was possible for me to constructively have a positive impact on it all…well, I most probably would have been much stronger and confident by now, and I would have achieved much more by now.

My parents told me that I should study well because I was one of the most intelligent in my little class in my little school that was way below average. And at that school I was put in a science-class because of that same reason. There I was taught that I would become a successful scientist. I was taught that I should always try to get to achieve the highest level possible. Never even trying to determine what I was actually good at, or what made me happy.

(I’m not even bashing the absurdity of thinking in “levels” of intelligence here)

Result: I never ever did my best in school because it didn’t really excite me all that much.

And during my time at university, my mom always was angry because I spent too much time organising events and managing and playing in my band. Thinking I was wasting my future.

In hindsight, it is actually these experiences that give me most strength and confidence today.

So, brain development should be in service of who you are, not in service of what “society” says you should be. Because now we live in a society where a lot of people don’t know who and what they are, because in a way, they got brainwashed.

A very disturbing thought

Kyara: Yeah, you make a good point. And did anyone ever tell you that you would make a great blogger? Cause you would.


Who are you? Today this is for most people a difficult and vague question. First of all, it requires a lot of balls to get out of your comfort zone and go and look for the answer, and secondly it requires a lot of persistence to actually make it to the end of that quest.

Am I there yet? I don’t know so probably not. Yet I do know that I am where I need to be, and that is right here!

ps: Thanks Kyara for making me write this.

Kyara looks innocent and cute, but don’t let those puppy eyes fool you, she’s a badass:


Peace out & enjoy this inspirational music:

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