What happened at the London Agritecture workshop (Part 2)

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Day two – Saturday 25th of June 2016, 9am

After a good first day, The organizers team and the participants were ready for the second day of “Legendary Learning, Notorious Networking & Happiness” a.k.a. : Designing some full blown Vertical Farms at an Agritecture workshop!

As you read in Part I, the workshop participants were extremely diligent and motivated and this did not change on day two. On the contrary, the energy of the teams elevated even higher. Each team found their own workroom and didn’t come out for 8 hours, unless they had to go to the toilet, eat something or find a workshop advisor to get some guidance.

Yes indeed, next to the the infinite amount of information on the internet and their own knowledge & experience, the workshop participants were also supported by a great team of professionals:

Henry Gordon-Smith: Vertical Farming “superstar” based in New York who runs Agritecture.com, is an AVF-board member and also Director at Blue planet Consulting.

Oscar Rodriguez: Founder of Architecture and Food, also an AVF-supporter since its inception.

Mark Horler: Founder of Re-growth, UK Regional Manager for the AVF and leader of the Project group on the sustainability certification for Vertical Farming

Yara Nagi: Sustainability manager at Blue Planet Consulting

Elvira Asara-Hunte: Manager Director at SouthBank consulting

And me, Zjef Van Acker: AVF’s Chief engagement officer and circular vertical farming expert

The day was long and a lot of interesting things happened. What I especially remember from the second day is this:

  • All teams had fucking awesome concepts (cheesy but true)
  • All teams had understood the concept of circular vertical farming and incorporated it into their designs. Mushrooms everywhere = heaven
  • Two of the teams had definite leaders, the third team was more of a team of co-creators
  • The team of co-creators (Team 1) seemed to have the a lot of clashes in the beginning, yet when they overcame, they really worked harder and more creative than ever.

Team 1CitiSalads – and started their marketing campaign 2 hours before the workshop deadline.

Team 2Hidden Produce – had a very eager mushroom expert which I was good buddies with.

Team 3White Chapel Community Farm – had an amazing and ambitious project that was definitely the winner of the circular vertical farming.

After a very fruitful session, the teams had to present their projects to the judges which had to judge them on no less than 3 levels: Project Feasibility, Sustainability (Economic, Environmental, Social) and Creativity.

And the winners were…

This is going to sound cheesy, but every participant at the workshop was a winner. The amount of learning and team-building that was being done is unmatched by any other I have ever seen. In Less than 16 hours spread over 2 days, every workshop participator assimilated so much knowledge and experiences that they became vertical farming experts.

“Learning by doing” we all know the concept. But the Agritecture workshops just take it to another level.

Ow yes…and the winners are


Drumms rollsss



Find out all about them via this link!

I left the London workshop with a lot of wonderful experiences and many new awesome people in my network. Honestly, I’m already eagerly awaiting the next workshop.  Luckily for all of us, more Agritecture workshops are coming your way, so stay up to date via the Association for Vertical Farming and Agritecture.com/workshop. And maybe, maybe we’ll meet at one of the next workshops.

Until then: Keep on Growing, people! Keep on Growing.

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