Photo report: Visiting the Metabolic site and eating…something…very nice

Jupiler understands! Or is it just genius marketing to sell more beer in The Netherlands?

11th of July 2016, 

Short and fast summary of the day to get the context:

Woke up at 5am, 4 hours and 4 traffic jams later I arrived at Enkhuizen (North-Holland) to meet with Enza Zaden (big multinational). After the fruitful meeting I went to Amsterdam to meet with Thomas Mason from the awesome Metabolic (young sustainability company), and then I went with Seppe Salari (my AVF-collegue and student at Wageningen University) to his apartment where he cooked a buffet to try out his home grown basil and Black Soldier Flies (BSF’s). Got back at 1am in the morning after a long but fantastic day (spent mostly in The Netherlands).

No pics from my meeting with Enza Zaden, yet the trip to meet with Thomas Mason from Metabolic was just to pretty to not take pictures:

After all the talks about Urban Farming, integrated food-production and possible cooperation between AVF and Metabolic, it was time to go to Seppe’s apartment to see his experimental Indoor farming systems….and TASTE what he grows.

The result was a happy, experimental and delicious dinner with Seppe & Délana (his girlfriend who is awesomely supportive about the crazy stuff Seppe is doing in their apartment)


Now the big question remains: Who wants to try some Black Soldier Flies? Seppe, who is a great cook, will be more than happy to provide you some recipes.

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