Yiha! I was at the VF-study 2.0

I remember very well when I encountered the website about the MaryLand conference, it was somewhere in the autumn of 2012, in the beginning of my VF-quest (yet before I started my blog). The Maryland conference basically was the very first big international gathering of vertical farming experts. I had missed it, but thanks to the power of the internet I could re-live ALL the presentations of the vf-experts.

The presentation that really stuck with me was the presentation by Daniel Schubert about the first vertical farming study conducted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). It was an amazing study where they designed a 37-floor skyscraper that produced 13ton of edible biomass a day. The study did’t have a positive outcome regarding the profitability of their VF, yet that didn’t matter much, for me it was the proof that it is possible to build a skyscraper vertical farm.

Now, 3 years later, the AVF and the DLR joined forces for the second vertical farming study in the German Aerospace Center in Bremen…and… I was there. I was there, taking part in what just might become a very important milestone in the future history the vertical farming movement. Yes indeed – the results of the vf-study 2.0 are very promising!

Check out the promo-video I shot during the study:

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