How to become a Vertical Farming youtube-star

There are a couple of Vertical Farming Youtube-stars, the first one that come to mind is of course Dickson Despommier, the father of Vertical Farming. In the rankings of being the most famous Vertical Farming youtube star, he’s way ahead of Nate Storey (Bright Agrotech), Henry Gordon Smith (AVF & Blue Planet) and Max Loessl (AVF & Agrilution).

Of course, Dickson is unfair competition as he started this whole movement by introducing an idea so crazy, that it was quickly picked up by all the media: TV, Radio, magazines, facebook and of course Youtube. So it looks like everyone that comes after Dickson, will be working in his shadow for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my goal to become famous. It’s my goal to become so good in VF’ing, that I won’t be able to be ignored, hence I’ll be famous. And this journey of a thousand miles requires many first steps. And this, my friends, is my fourth step in that journey.

Enjoy the video where I’m interviewing many interesting people at the Vertical Farming conference in Bangalore, India.


Special thanks to:

  • Marcel Chylla (for Editing the video)
  • Susanna Loessl (my interview-partner)
  • Geoff Wright (Designs of pics for the video)

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