And The Winner is…

Originally posted on June 5 2014 at

And the winner from last month’s blog post contest is…

Tumtumtum…drum rolls…some epic music…(really, click on the epic music, it’s pretty epic!

Before the winner is announced, I would like to thank everyone for answering and giving me some very inspiring ideas towards self-improvement. A good example is that many of you told me that I need to talk more about what I’m doing, and you are right.

Aristotle once said that, to forge an interesting tale, the best oraters perfectly combine three components: ETHOS, PATHOS AND LOGOS, better known as doing, feeling and thinking.

The reason why my blog has always been a little incomplete, is because of the absence of definite Ethos (doing). It’s not that I haven’t been doing things, on the contrary. Yet, I think I was afraid to share them absent tangible success.

Check out my personal indoor-design hydroponic-cupboard, now growing some huge tomato-plants!

And the winner from last months blog post contest is…

tumtumtum…drum rolls…some epic music

Jonathan Moreel and Jan Van Loo 

Yes, two winners! Both of them started with some great constructive criticism and ended with some well thought out advice. And most of all: they were honest and took their time to explain everything in detail.

Jonathan even demanded that I should do more than just a dinner and drinks, he wants a full blown barbecue with only stuff I will grow myself (time limit; august 2015). I believe this is a good idea actually!

Will we be eating some of my homegrown Reishi-mushrooms (a.k.a. Mushrooms of Immortality)?


So to end this blog post in style – I’ll pledge to myself to do 3 things:
  • Create a balanced mix of actions, thoughts and feelings in my writings
  • Write a blog post at least every month
  • Work hard to give a full blown BBQ for Jonathan & Jan

 See you soon, my VFF’s (Vertical Farming Friends)

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